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The Turn of the Wheel

Join the grove's Thomas Marty ('Cambridge Core Shamanism') and Will Fordham for a weekend workshop to explore the eight ancient festivals of the pagan year.

  • 'The eight 'agricultural' festivals of the year form an everlasting wheel of seasonal changes, bird and animal migrations and hibernations, plant growth and harvest and ultimately human connection and survival. Exploring our sense of awakened humanity within these moments allows us to understand ourselves as part of Nature's greater wisdom that ebbs and flows into being with each year that passes.'

    (Will Fordham)

    Taking place over a February weekend, Tom and Will will journey with you through eight unfolding events that will involve ritual re enactment, creative expression, contact with the divine and ultimately, contemplation of our very essence as human beings living in harmony within Nature.

    Who is this for?

    Anyone! Whether you have experience of attending druidic and/or pagan ceremonies, gatherings or events for previous celebrations or are investigating your connection to the year's seasons for the first time, this workshop is for you.

    Both Tom and Will have reliable experience in creating and hosting individual and group events as facilitators, pastoral leaders and spiritual guides who will enable you to explore your own path as you travel through the 'Wheel of the Year'.

    Whether you might come with a friend or two or on your own, we will shape the weekend around your energy and unfolding experiences to awaken your spiritual interaction with sacred time and sacred place. Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart!


    All registered attendees will be sent details nearer to the date on what to prepare and bring for the two days.


    Each day will run from 09:30 to 16:30 with two tea breaks and one lunch break.


    To book your place on the course, please contact Tom on 07955 700066 or via email. Alternatively, please contact Will.

    Due to the nature of the event, participation must be for both days.

    The Turn of the Wheel

  • 9.30am - 4.30pm

    Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th February 2024

  • 52 North Road, Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AS.

  • £180 for the two days (£150 for Corr Réisc Grove subscribers and/or attendees).
    Due to the nature of the event, participation must be for both days.

  • To book this workshop or find out more information, get in touch.

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