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The Cambridge Core Shamanism Faculty

Agnieszka Drabek-Prime - Cambridge Core Shamanism

Agnieszka is a teacher, Womb Medicine Woman, and Sacred Weaver. Through connection with the Spirit, she is weaving sacred into everyday life. In her practice she weaves from threads of different traditions as well as from the wisdom of her womb and the Sacred Feminine. The combination of studies she underwent, and personal experience has enlightened her with the ability and insight to give expert treatments and ceremonies in a way that is healing, sympathetic, reassuring and filled with compassion. She lives with her family in Cambridge, UK, teaching, seeing clients and organizing ceremonies and courses in person and on-line.

Weaving with the Spirit – Prime Therapy.

Open your soul to the weave of the Web of Life and Weave with the Spirit.

Using Reiki, Zero Balancing & Doula services to find your inner strength




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