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As a Shamanic Practitioner, I seek to be honest, open, and truthful, behaving in a trustworthy manner where my practice is transparent. I am committed to and maintain my personal and communal spiritual practices, seeing my commitment to my own spiritual development as a life-long process.
I am open, honest, and accurate in representing affiliations and methods of working, and do not make unjustifiable claims about competence.
I work ethically and with careful consideration of how I fulfil my legal obligations.
I maintain professional and personal boundaries between my work with clients and what lies outside that work.
I avoid any conflict of interests.
I address differences with my client such as issues of complaint and take appropriate action where we cannot resolve them.
I nurture self-knowledge.
I strive to be trustworthy, honouring the trust placed in the practitioner.
I am also open and honest with all relevant organisations.
I distinguish between spiritual direction and other forms of 1:1 helping relationships such as counselling, and ensure clients understand the type of support I am offering.


I am providing my services to a proficient standard. I value continuing development and the maintenance of competence, recognising the limits of my knowledge, skill, training, education, and experience. I know the limits of my competence and when to suggest the need of additional or refer to alternative support from others e.g., shamanic colleagues, counsellors, or doctors…
I take responsibility for and am committed to the on-going personal and professional
development of my skills through attending workshops, training days and courses.
I am committed to on-going growth of my knowledge and awareness through studying sacred texts, theology, spirituality, psychology, and other disciplines related to spiritual direction. I continually monitor my own practice and take action to serve the best interests of my clients and students.


I am committed to developing and maintaining my knowledge, skills, and capabilities to practice safely, ethically, and legally.
I agree with clients how we will work together: stating clearly terms and conditions, fees (if any) and methods of practice.
I keep up to date with the law, regulations, and any other requirements to my work.
I keep accurate and appropriate records.


Thank you for visiting the website of Cambridge Core Shamanism – The Way of the Wolf
Your privacy and the protection of your personal data are important to us. As of May 25, 2018, we have an obligation to collect and protect your data in accordance with new European standards for data protection. The goal of the new framework is to make sure that we deal with your data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner, and that we take steps to ensure that your data are adequately protected. This Privacy Policy is where we explain to you how we collect, use, and store your personal data. You can request further information at any time about what personal information we are holding and how it is being used; you can ask for electronic copies of your personal information to be sent to you; and you can request that we erase your personal data.
We are limited to using your data under the following conditions: where you have consented to it, where we need to do so in order to fulfil our contract with you, or in certain special circumstances, such as compliance with legal obligations, or for other legitimate purposes. We have adopted a “Privacy by Design” approach to your personal information, meaning that, to the best of our ability, we will employ state of the art means of collecting, storing, and transmitting your data, with a view to promoting privacy and data protection from the outset.

Compassionate Care & Respect

As a Shamanic practitioner I have professional accountability and responsibility in the use of my skills, respecting the welfare of others. I commit to follow a framework of ethical behaviour.
I have insurance to protect my clients and students.
My Courses and workshops are all accredited with the IPHM.
I protect client and student confidentiality and privacy.
I keep confidential all oral, electronic, and written matters arising from sessions.
I do not record unwarranted personal information and ensure all such (personal) information is held in strict confidentiality.
I allow clients access to all personal data kept in electronic and written form in compliance with GDPR.
I ensure my own well-being sufficient to sustain my quality of work. This includes exercising self-care to maintain physical, psychological, and spiritual health and keeping a healthy balance between my work and other aspects of life.
I seek consultation with other appropriately qualified professionals where necessary.
I respect the opinions, beliefs and professional endeavours of colleagues and other
I try to be open to opportunities to offer my work to those on low incomes who cannot afford remuneration.


Sincerity: Consistency between what is professed and what is done.
Discernment: The ability to practice good discernment in my own spiritual life.
Empathy: To communicate understanding of another person’s experience from that person’s perspective.
Humility: The ability to recognise my own strengths, limitations, and self-worth.
Care: Benevolence, responsibility and competent attentiveness to the client’s needs, well- being, and personal agency.
Courage: The capacity to act despite known fears, risks, and uncertainty.
Respect: Showing appropriate esteem for all people and their understanding of themselves and their spiritual path.
Diligence: The conscientious and consistent deployment of skills and time to those I seek to serve.
Resilience: The capacity to accompany others through difficult times in their life and
spiritual journey.
Integrity: Commitment to being ethical in dealings with others, including transparency, honesty, and consistency.
Wisdom: In possession of sound judgment, insight and discernment that informs my practice in spiritual direction and life.
Learner: I am open to new perspectives and on-going growth and development.
Openness: I am open to the surprise of the Divine and the freedom of Spirit.
Accountability: My work is accountable to professional standards.
Self-respect: I care for my own self well-being and health, valuing what I offer.

Commitment to these personal qualities in my continuing development.

Name: Thomas Marty
Status: Self-employed Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher
Company: Cambridge Core Shamanism – The Way of the Wolf
Insurance: Balens
Courses and Workshops Accredited and Certified by IPHM
Date: 30/3/2023

Core Values and Principles

Core Values and Principles

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