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Monthly Journey Circle

£10 payable on door

7.30 -


Third week of the month at Abington Barn

During the monthly drum journeying session, we will lie down comfortably, and use our breath, will and imagination to let the drum shift our brain waves into the theta state. This is the vehicle upon which we can journey to receive guidance and wisdom from our helping allies, spirits, and ancestors. We aim to receive clarity and understanding, guidance and support to enable us to live our lives as the spiritual beings we are. 


The Journey Circle is open to all comers and an opportunity for those who are interested in shamanism to explore different themes and destinations both in the spiritual and physical worlds. Bring your drum or rattle if you have one!


Third week of the month at Abington Barn


Upcoming Dates

25/4/23, 23/5/24, 20/6/24, 25/07/24, 22/08/24,

19/9/24, 24/10/24, 21/11/24, 12/12/24

Claude Monet's Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge (1899) famous painting.
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