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There is a saying that there are three stages of becoming a Shaman: the calling, the training,

and the initiation process.

If you are looking into shamanic training, and way of life, it is probably because you have

had enough of living a life that is unconnected and has no meaning. Your heart is not singing.

For being shamanic in nature, is living a spiritual relationship with all that is. It is a personal

journey into a collective experience and an invitation to do what you have come here to do.

To walk a shamanic pathway is to walk a sacred path in love. An opportunity of building

inner confidence and finding meaning in all that one does. A time to remember that we are

team players, and that spirit is our guide, mentor, and protector. A time to wipe off the rancid

makeup of apathy and fear and don the reality of connection and being.

When we acknowledge our calling, it is time to look for our teacher who will with perfect

synchronicity make themselves known to us. The training will take place (in both ordinary

reality and non-ordinary reality) and if we are ready to pick up the mantle, we will be

initiated into the practice of shamanism. Then we go out into the world and do the work

constantly developing the sacred trust and intricate relationships with our personal team on

the other side of the veil. And then your students start to knock on your door…

The calling to the way of the wolf training…

Being Called

We are all born with many creative gifts, to what limit we explore them, is up to us. As we

look around the world today and see the hard hearts and minds of those in power, the wars,

the starvation, the squandering of resources, the environmental damage, the apathy, and

unjustness in life, we can either stick our heads in the sand or decide to do something about it.

We are all healers and if we heed the calling, we choose to stand up and dare to be counted.

To walk in the light and shine our love brightly and make a difference in this reality and


Connecting with Nature

Everything on Earth and in Spirit is connected through the web of life. By learning to interact

with it, we can heal ourselves, family and friends, our ancestors, situations, and Mother Earth,

herself. By understanding our true connection with nature, we strengthen the relationship to

all that is. Nature is the visible face of spirit.

The Solitude and the Kinship

Many Shamans were traditionally seen as misfits, eccentric, or plain strangely different.

Preferring a solitary existence until called upon by their communities to undertake work for

them. It is the community that confers the title ‘shaman’ upon you. That is an honour indeed.

Today in the West, shamanic practitioners from many varied backgrounds are being called

into the fray. We bring our distinct character, and experiences into play when working with

others. We act as the bridges between this world and the unseen worlds. We can bring the

perfect balance of energies into this perceived cauldron of chaos.

Experiencing a near-death, out-of-body, or mystical experience

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has not experienced an existential threat to

themselves in some form or another. Most of us have had those extremely strange dreams and

not known what to do with them or experienced a surreal out of body moment. It is how we

deal with these sometimes-terrifying ordeals that the shaman-to-be surrenders all their

knowledge for the wisdom they are learning from the experience. The nudge that takes them

out of the comfort zone of ignorance and into the maelstrom of the shadows. This is where

we can truly learn to come alive and how best to navigate ourselves back into health. Then

onwards to help our brothers and sisters who are trapped in their own shadow existence. To

be shaman-esque is to dance the dance of life and death through the shadows and light. To

find the perfect balancing act and be in control.

Psychic Abilities

We are all psychic to some degree, being born with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance,

clairaudience, or open enough to have other paranormal experiences. Some of these gifts are

schooled out of us by family, friends, religion, and society as things not to mess around with.

But they will always be there waiting in the background for us to call forth when we are

ready. They are actually as natural to us as breathing. When training as a shamanic

practitioner, we use all our innate skills and spiritual teamwork to see what is hidden to

normal view. Whether this be illness in other’s bodies, spiritual obstacles that need to be

overcome and to meet and interact with the ancestors, allies, and inner teachers we work


Prophetic Dreams and Vision

Having dreams which represent events from past lives that are having a direct influence on

this one. Direct revelation from higher powers informing us of specific events about to come.

Lucid dreams in which we are fully awake, able to control our thoughts and actions.

Shaman’s journey between many different realms, bringing back important information,

answers to questions and using the ability to see visions of future events.

Power Animals

Power Animals serve as Guides that share vital information and serve as reminders whenever

we require their help. We might see them in dreams or be visited by them in ordinary reality.

Using synchronicity messages and nudges are continually being sent from our allies in the

spirit world. Our allies in animal form work with us in a team effort in all our healing

experiences. Once consciously connected, life is never the same again.

Seeing Things Others Can’t

Perhaps you have owned the ability to access other realms and hidden dimensions from a

very early age. Spiritually opened people hear voices, see visions, dreams and interact with

the ancestors and spirits from Non-Ordinary Reality. If not trained properly this might lead to

a mental health diagnosis. There is much to be said about the way spiritually awakened

people are treated especially by those who are ignorant and not opened. Learning to create

meaningful relationships with our spiritual allies and having our protection updated regularly

are necessary to tread the modern spiritual path. The vibration is changing, ascension is on its

way and on target with many energies being manipulated to help us move upwards and


Answering the Call to Help, Heal or Ease the Suffering of Others

Ultimately, Shamanism can be seen as a practice of balancing or self-correcting our

relationship with others and the natural world around us. Whenever a Shaman sees suffering,

we feel a strong desire to heal it to re-establish that lost harmony within the web of life. The

time is coming for us all to step up to the mark and do what we can to help alleviate the

suffering in the world and help humanity move into its ascension. This of course, will be of

benefit to all life in this dimension and the ones closely linked to it.


Shamanism is the most time-tested system of purposeful integration of our spiritual and

nonspiritual capacities. It is a very ancient practice, and all our ancestors did this. If we go

back to the dawn of time, 40,000 years ago it was unbroken up to the last century, practiced

on all continents. Used to find food, safe directions to move, weather coming, threats about,

health and healing…

Shamans see existence as three worlds. When you access them (spirit worlds) it is called

Non-Ordinary Reality, NOR. If in this physical world it is called Ordinary Reality, OR.

Upper World: Tutelary spirits here are usually in human form and exist on many levels. The

first level is sometimes accessed through some sort of a skein. These teachers are happy to

come and work with, guide, and advise us.

Middle World: Interpenetrates the physical world. You can journey to places that exist in the

physical world to meet spirits of the place, to heal or have questions answered.

Lower World: Tends to be the domain of the Power Animals, all knowing allies who wish to

work alongside us in various ways.

To access these places, we move our awareness out of our bodies into a parallel universe

(three spirit worlds). Some dreams can be journeys, but they are not the same as a classic

shamanic journey for in these you are in control.


If you are feeling the calling, how do you find the right teacher and training for you. Think

about what it is you wish to know and formulate questions. Research who and what is out

there. It is important to feel excited about the person who will stand beside you for the next

part of your life.

Cambridge Core Shamanism – the way of the wolf

If you wish to know more about the training, we offer as in courses and workshops I invite

you to read the appropriate sections on this website. If you have any questions, please contact

me to arrange a chat.

Thomas Marty: @cambridgecoreshamanism (Instagram)

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