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Shadow Work

Face to face will be at Fulbourn, Cambridge.

£50 per hour

The Shadow, comprising our deepest fears, shames, and regrets along with judgments, core beliefs, and unconscious contracts, resides in our subconscious, influenced by past lives and ancestral ties.

Shadow Work delves into profound self-awareness, aiming for forgiveness, release, and growth towards newfound freedom and positivity. Coined by Carl Jung, the concept of the Shadow Self highlights its prevalence in every individual’s life. Suppressed, it can lead to detrimental consequences such as addiction, low self-esteem, and mental or chronic illnesses.

It stops us from shining our light and makes excuses for our negative mindsets.

Unchecked, the Shadow can escalate to extreme behaviours like infidelity or violence, often exacerbated by substances like alcohol and drugs. However, Shadow Work offers a means to confront and integrate these shadow aspects, preventing them from consuming our lives.

Contrary to its negative connotations, the shadow also harbours positive attributes, described by Jung as “ninety percent pure gold.” Within lie untapped creativity, intuition, and other potent gifts suppressed by societal norms.

Exploring the Golden Shadow presents opportunities for both psychological and spiritual growth, as each negative aspect holds a corresponding gift waiting to be unearthed.

Through acceptance and liberation, participants will harness their positive qualities, embracing creativity and passion.

The Shamanic Healing Perspective

The shamanic healing perspective posits that unresolved wounds from our past affect our present by continuously attracting similar experiences. This stems from the energetic vibration linked to these deep-seated wounds, which are often guarded by our Shadow Self, also known as the Protector Self. This part of us is shaped by past hurts—such as rejection, abandonment, betrayal, humiliation, worthlessness, or prolonged abuse—and it strives to protect us by avoiding situations that may cause similar pain. By facing our Shadow, we can

become more whole and live with greater authenticity, creativity, and joy.

The Protector – Shadow Self

The Shadow Self acts as an inner saboteur, keeping us in fear and reinforcing limiting beliefs. While its actions might seem counterproductive, its intention is to shield us from pain based on past experiences. This protective mechanism is deeply embedded in our psyche, causing us to react emotionally and repeat past patterns. The goal of the Shadow Self is to avoid revisiting the original hurt, which often leads to self-sabotage and a cycle of negative experiences.

The purpose of repeating patterns

Despite the Shadow Self’s protective efforts, we often encounter recurring situations and

people because our Soul aims to confront and heal these past wounds. This process is

essential for resolving past Karma and fulfilling our Soul’s divine purpose.

Finding and addressing the Shadow Self

Shamanic healing practices, such as journeying and energy work, help reveal and address repressed parts of ourselves. Identifying and integrating our shadow helps us become balanced and complete. It involves acknowledging the parts of ourselves that need healing, often tied to our Inner Child, and working with spiritual guides and allies for insight and transformation. By understanding and integrating these old wounds, we can dissolve the protective programming of the Shadow Self.

Who would benefit from this course?

If your behaviour feels out of control, it signifies pure shadow at play. Post-shadow moments can bring shame, but they also offer an opportunity to confront and understand our shadow.


This course, spanning nine sessions, uses shamanic and psychotherapy methods to unearth hidden aspects of the self, understand their origins and barriers to progress. This process helps us break free from past wounds, enabling us to live more authentically and fulfilling lives. On this journey we will free ourselves of limiting beliefs, attitudes, free energy blocks and access the golden power of our true selves.


It is recommended to book a course of 9 sessions.

These can take place once or twice a month.

Sessions: 1-2 hours.

A two-hour session can create powerful energy shifts whilst giving time for note taking by the client on their powerful experiences and discussions about them. It is an opportunity to explore working in both worlds more rather than one world less. For maximum benefit it is expected that the client undertakes personal development work between sessions.


This course recognises that trauma digs deep, and we will be working at a very deep level,

in the unconscious, within the subconscious. Nothing is rushed in this course, and we always work in safe space. There will be times when the client will be asked to challenge themselves and work with new concepts and ideas, and I ask that they are aware and accepting of the impact this may have with them.

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