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Shamanic Counselling (journeying course)

Contact TM as this is a personal 1-2-1 course

A path to healing, insight, and empowerment 

Shamanic counselling is a spiritual method; a system that follows ancient principles of shamanism and is based on cross-cultural principles and especially adapted for use in contemporary society. The aim is to learn to contact your individual power animal allies and tutoring spirits who wish to come forward and offer their wisdom and advice to you. You will be supported throughout the process and helped to build your confidence in interpreting any information received. This course aims to help you achieve greater spiritual autonomy. Working with shamanism can provide answers to important questions and help you make informed decisions to solve your problems. This work changes people’s lives. 

Bring: Recording device to record your journey, player to play drumming recording and headphones, mindfold to cover eyes, blanket, pen, and paper.

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