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The Shaman’s Path

Forthcoming dates:
Sat/Sun 11th & 12th May 2024
Sat/Sun 7th & 8th September 2024

Introduction to core shamanism.

A two-day interactive course introducing core shamanism and to explore the non-ordinary world of the shaman. You will have the opportunity of meeting a power animal ally and a teacher in human form who will step forward to provide guidance, insight, and healing. 

We will look at the shaman’s map of the world with the opportunity to explore both the Lower and Upper worlds. 

You will also take part in an ancestor healing ritual, be given a basic shamanic divination method and create your own power song. 

This introductory course represents the prerequisite for our advanced courses in core shamanism.


clear quartz crystal, food, blanket, water, pen, paper, drums, and rattle if you have them.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided.

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