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Three-Year Shamanic Practitioner Course

Each component starts on a Friday night 6.30pm - 9.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 7.00pm and Sunday: 9.30am - 7.00pm
Starting date:
Component 1: 15th-17th March 2024
Components 2: 14th-16th June 2024
Component 3: 18th-20th October 2024

Becoming a Shamanic Practitioner

Comprising of three components per year, this is a special course designed for those people who wish to train in the shamanic healing arts. It will include the shaman’s map of the world, learning to track the source of a client’s problem and how to work on deeper profound healing levels to help your client. The following shamanic healing methods will be taught, extraction, soul retrieval, heart-centered depossession, curse unravelling, ancestor work, divination and working with the gods/goddesses.

Shamans have the view that all illnesses have a spiritual cause which is expressed in physical manifestation. They access the client’s health, by checking in with their sacred balance of mind, body and spirit and looking not only at their internal health (relationship to self) but also to their external health (relationship to others and the world around them).

Shaman’s track the symptom (which is how modern western medicine see illness), to its source. This is usually based in some sort of trauma that the client has experienced. This trauma energetically imprints that person and if left unattended can develop into emotional, physical, or mental conditions. So simply put, shamans heal the spiritual origin of illness, so that the imprint of trauma can no longer inform the reality or health and the client can return to a state of grace.

Most shamanic healing focuses on the following aspects: power loss, soul loss, energy intrusions, spirit release work, ancestral work, cutting ties, house + land cleansing, healing, and blessings. Shamanism is a path that gives you direct spiritual revelation and autonomy. It is possible to gain a spiritual toolkit that will serve you for the rest of your life and to come into your own personal power.

There are many ways of healing, from one on one, to group therapy. We will explore both in depth and how working with the ancestors and the gods give us a greater experiential understanding of how healing works.

This training is created and led by Thomas Marty. He will be assisted by other skilled practitioners who are graduates of shamanic training and who work with clients in private practice.

Application: Enrolment on this training is limited to 20 places. Please email Thomas about yourself and outlining your reasons for wanting to undertake this commitment and training. The content of these emails will be treated as confidential. If you have no shamanic experience but feel that you are being called to this way of working, we recommend that you attend our intro to shamanism course, The Shaman’s Path.

An interview may be necessary for some applicants. If your application is successful and a place offered to you on the training, a non-refundable deposit of £250 will be required at the point of acceptance to secure your place.

Dates: The training runs over three calendar years and consists of three components per annum, each of which runs over three days and takes place at Abington Barn, Cambridge, CB21 6AS. The next training will begin in 2024, the dates for the first year are provided above. This work is supplemented with supervised interim independent study tasks.

Fees: Payment options available including monthly, and annually.

Bring: Food, blanket, water, pen, paper, drums, and rattle if you have them.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided.

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