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An experiential workshop in shamanic divination

  • In this workshop you will learn the three basic shamanic ways of divining.

    1. Journey work – being taken on a journey in spirit that will answer your questions via symbolic action and metaphor.

    2. Merging with spirit to receive direct revelation (information).

    3. Create your own tools to divine (scrying, runes, sacred objects).

    You will also have the opportunity to journey to well-known ancient Oracle sites to develop your own personal relationship with the spirits there.

    So, if you have questions that need answering, want advice on a project, relationship, or business venture, this is a great way to learn how to ask for and receive information which might guide your future.

    There is also the understanding that predicting outcomes does not mean that they are set in stone. Freewill helps give us the opportunity to change our lives should we not like what we see coming towards us and work towards something better.

    Bring: Food, blanket, water, pen, paper, drums, and rattle if you have them.

    Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided.


  • TBC


  • TBC

  • £80

  • To book this workshop or find out more information, get in touch.

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