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Spiritual Protection

Learn how to protect it as well as keep it energised and cleansed.

  • We have all at some point in our lives felt drained by certain individuals’ attention or by specific negative events, felt oppressive atmospheres and been the recipients of negative energy sent by others. Through our body’s spiritual energy system, we sense, feel, and intuit everything and everyone we meet. So, it makes sense then to learn how to protect it as well as keep it energised and cleansed.

    In this workshop we will learn about our body’s natural energy field and how it works. We will journey to the Lower World to pick up a power animal protector as well as to the Upper World for a wise advisor in human form. We will also meet with the archangels, ancestors and other high energy beings who wish to work with us in a protective way.

    We will investigate various other powerful ways of raising one’s vibration high enough to cease being a target. We will work with powerful symbols, power songs, natural elements like crystals and plants, and finally, probably the best way possible, by living from one’s heart energy.

    After this workshop you will be able to protect yourself, your family, and property in simple and easy ways.

    Bring: Food, blanket, water, pen, paper, drums, and rattle if you have them.

    Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided.

    Spiritual Protection

  • TBC


  • TBC

  • £80

  • To book this workshop or find out more information, get in touch.

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